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Results of this innocent error by that girl were catastrophic

 Results of this innocent error by that girl were catastrophic

Recently, the video went viral on social media for a group of girls in any one of them speaks English phrase is misplaced. The results of this innocent mistake by those disastrous girl. And soon displayed on the Internet has become with the girl being subject of many jokes and derogatory comments. In the aftermath, the news came that the girl did not attend college because of this incident.

When Pakistan stop mocking people to speak perfect English?


This represents a two chronic problems in our society. First, the issue of cyberbullying, and secondly, our obsession with the colonial tongue. Cyber ​​bullying is reprehensible, but the key issue is to give the English a lot of precedence that we have to move away from any imaginary person who failed to properly employed.

It was several years ago has made the subcontinent independence, but we see the impact of the period of colonization prevalent in our day to day affairs. The impact of colonialism on society and culture, and customs, laws and institutions is inevitable, but they tend to fall over time.

One of the main effects of colonialism on the psychological level, which is reflected in our various tendencies and habits, and one of them our language preference. It is common that the post-colonial societies continue to be affected by the colonial tradition, and one of them to San colonizer.

In Pakistan, and the English language continues to be the common language of the elite, like the status of French in a number of African countries. Those who are not of expression in the English language are often the target of derogatory words, and intimidation, and looked down upon in society. While it considered to speak English to be a symbol of power, wealth, and in certain cases, and in intelligence. This behavior is a reflection of our colonized minds that put English on top of any other language base. It’s the same mentality that results in preferring to talk to an American or British accent instead of one.

Colonialism shaped and influenced many of the values ​​and ideas, which are still, unfortunately, exist to date. A historical analysis of this period reveal identity politics, difference, and discrimination, which was the essence of colonialism. Our society continues to promote this, especially in the case of the colonial tongue. This happens in a very private educational institutes where we have rather than instilling a sense of pride for the languages ​​our mother, it does not encourage students to communicate in languages ​​other than English. Most schools that operate until today to meet a recognized language globally and choose English as the primary means of education.

Arguably educational institutes are simply responding to the needs of the market, which in this case are the parents who want their children to be well-versed in English. So, I do not put the responsibility on any particular party, and not an attempt to shed light on a problem that runs deep in our society.

Moreover, we as a society have failed to dismantle and rebuild these values ​​is misplaced containing sharp prejudices towards their mother tongue. It is fair to say that Pakistan were not successful in colonization project by the filter. Needless project decolonization behind amend the laws, and the re-naming streets and buildings, and the restructuring of institutions – it has a social and psychological element to it. In the development and adoption of policies that will address these concerns the state it has failed, and therefore the current situation where there is strengthen the tongue colonizer.

For the sake of academic Secretariat, it is fair to say there was a great deal of emphasis placed on the Urdu language. It was one of the primary points of contention with the former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) on the language. The priority of the language Urdu is often given at the expense of many regional languages ​​that majority of Pakistanis can relate to. However, despite several efforts to see the dominance enjoyed by the English language among the urban elite, one not owned Urdu.

The purpose of writing this article is to seek a reflection on the individual and community level – to understand the reason why we do not take pride in local languages ​​(national and regional), while the English are given special status. Moreover, meditate on the roles of individual and private businesses. How many of us have scoffed at anyone who spoke English, incorrect or different accent? We prefer even heads of state and diplomats speak English instead of Urdu language.

There are countless examples of the influence of the colonial tongue in Pakistan. I urge you to reduce the scrutiny that is applied to people who can not speak English level, or speak incorrectly. In any case do not reflect the intelligence of anyone, or to question the level of respect that they deserve. All it does is pricked our own ego and self-made notions of what is acceptable

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