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Gwadar, Some Important facts about this great City!

Gwadar, Some Important facts about this great City!


Gwadar, and as we all know is one of the more cities that were discussed in Pakistan these days, you’ll find it’s name in the regional newspapers as well as international standards, and the reason is very clear, which is to turn the process of commercial activities in the entire South Asian region, the Middle East and Africa.

In the last week it invited a delegation of talented students from the state of Punjab by the Government of Baluchistan and the Pakistani army in the tour for 3 days to the city of Gwadar port.

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Luckily I was selected to represent my province and the university in this program to mobilize the youth and student exchanges and it was my university management enough type to postpone the exams for this reason, visiting Gwadar was a dream come true for me because I was already working on a project initiated by the Ministry of Planning (Government of Pakistan) which is known as “Corps youth development “and it revolves around CPEC, in 2025.

During the entire trip, which I recorded all the necessary points and important data that I can share with my friends, and this is just an introductory blog as I’ll be writing more on what is and how it can Gwadar CPEC create thousands of jobs for the youth of Pakistan.

Gwadar was part of Pakistan since December 8, 1958. It is located on the Arabian Sea coast.

  • 533 km from Karachi

Gwadar is about 533 km from Karachi, Pakistan’s biggest city, 120 km from Iran and 380 km from Amman.

  • Oil and Gas + Power Line

Gwadar is located in the corridor of oil and gas-rich producing countries in the Persian Gulf and latitude.

  • Warm-water and deep-sea port

Gwadar is famous for its warm water and deep-water port, known as the Gwadar port.

  • Gwadar and Central Asia

Gwadar port is also the nearest seaport in the energy-rich countries in Central Asia.

  • Gwadar to Kashgar

Will be under construction between China and Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) linking Gwadar port in Pakistan to the city of Kashgar in China.

  • 3000 km

And CPEC (from Gwadar to Kashgar) about 3000 km.

  • Highways, railways, pipelines + electricity production

And CPEC is a network of highways, railways and pipelines to transport oil and gas from Gwadar to China along with the production of electricity projects in different parts of Pakistan.

  • $ 150 billion (Source: Daily Times)

China will spend $ 150 billion to build the CPEC.

  • From 16,000 km to 5000 km

China imports 60% of oil from the Persian Gulf. With the completion of CPEC, and distance to reduce the import of 16,000 km to a mere 5,000 km.

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