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Mafia Selling Fake Stents at Over 3200% Markup Exposed by FIA

 Mafia Selling Fake Stents at Over 3200% Markup  Exposed by FIA

It revealed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Another scam in Lahore. According to officials, the International Federation of the Mafia for cars that participated in the sale of fake struts for heart patients and fraud to extract money from them and exposed.

Some of these counterfeiters also included two doctors in Lahore Mayo Clinic, which would make the patients agree to get these fake struts and pay for it.

To put an end to scam them into sharp focus, each of these pillars costing Rs scammers. 6000, which ended with the sale of Rs. 200000.


News came to light when he sent FIA Assistant Director of them disguised in uniforms patient to the Mayo Clinic. And “patient” got checked by doctors immediately he said that there is a problem with him in the heart, which can not be solved only through the blood vessels. And blood vessels requires the mainstay of fraudsters, which cost up to 200,000 rupees each.

Confidentiality The official also spoke with those of other patients who were duped. They said they discovered they got cheated when the pain came back after some time, and a second opinion with doctors to make them aware of the fact that there is no stent placed in the first place.

After this incident, the raid was conducted at the Mayo Clinic and struts rupee value. 40 million has been set by the FIA ​​team.

The three companies that participated in the sale of these pillars are not registered are:

  • Medical system Pak Punjab Kardicks Cardex
  • System AM
  • Life Saving Technologies (SLT)
  • And all three of them are located in Lahore. Unfortunately, so far it is not registered any case of one of the above-mentioned companies owned by relatives of a federal minister, which is responsible for the FIR not being against them.

Taking into account this incident, as the Prime Minister of Punjab gathered a team to look into the matter, headed by the Prime Minister of the inspection team (CMIT).

Other committee of the Punjab specialized health care and medical education minister, the star of Ahmad Shah, which is composed of senior cardiologists will achieve this incident.

He pledged the Minister of Punjab Health, Khawaja Salman Rafiq also a crackdown on mafia struts.

Despite the staggering corruption and fraud involved, not made any arrests yet.

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