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Hunain Zia, the Kid with 42 As in Cambridge Exam

Hunain Zia, the Kid with 42 As in Cambridge Exam

Education in Pakistan is a game very mysterious and completely baffling, some say that the Pakistanis have mastered the art of getting a better education there, while others opine that the people of the country are opposite to the basic demands for education. Broke all the stereotypes, and one student named Hunain Zia also made 42 in his levels of O / A (Cambridge) and IGCSE combined.

The achievement of Hunain on the back of his predecessors, such as certain Nawazish Ali and Tariq Haroon, who also achieved a real breakthrough in their exams. Hunain, however, has the biggest plans for the education system in Pakistan than just a result of it.


“Look it goes like this. I am trying to achieve one hundred, as in the secondary and advanced qualifications International. He said the only reason is that I aim to free education establishment in the future and to do so I actually run the page call www.facebook.com/CIEsimplified”.

I provide free lectures. I just want to help the largest possible number of students as I can. And break the world record help me gain recognition for the cause of the establishment of a free education in Pakistan, God willing, this is my main goal at the moment. ”


“In one session, I’ve tried 30 people, which means a 70-sheet different exam. So I’ve given exams for 18 consecutive hours. He Hunain, however, none of these things as long as I do not achieve my dream and my goal, that helps other students up to unprecedented levels, and maximize their potential. ”

However, according to the Hunain, the trip was not easy at all, when faced with criticism from almost everyone.


His Journey towards this achievement

“Destiny is a matter of decision. It is what I believe. I am a member of the lower middle class without a name. This may seem to you as a prelude weird. But this is the truth, and I am proud of it. When I first tried to take a number of topics, and the label just got” O Pagal Hai “(he is angry). it certainly hurt.
Feel pain because people did not understand my point of view. They did not understand that I was determined to make a difference. I was determined to make an impact. I wanted people to realize that yes we do not exist. Those of us who belong to the underprivileged classes financially. Those of us who believe in God and ourselves. And those of us who believe that things are changing. The biggest challenge for me and adapts to the hatred I received. They say when you can not shake the determination, we should start the assassination of personality.


He scoffed at all possible levels. I saw those who called me bestie left me like the wind. Slowly fatal yet. I had to cut people, you need peace. Then came there a fee that changed everything. I met with greater support me in me. I derived my energy of hatred. I made my other negative driving force for the then boom! God made the easiest path. Johnny Depp said, “Those who deny will one day tell others how they met you,” because the result, which was the case. I would advise all of you believe in you, inside you believed and trust in God. You will see the Mets turned on, you’ll see the game change. ”
Students and aspirants like nostalgia brought pride to their families and the country deserves recognition and support. Let us, together, strengthen the pride of nostalgia and help him to reach his dream and objectives of the establishment of free education in all parts of Pakistan.

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