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Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi Message To Social Media

Shaista Lodhi Message To Social Media

Recently, the Internet has become a source of life or the life of ruin. Sometimes, we have seen this kind of media do wonders for one as we could totally relate to this with Arshad Khan in Islamabad, who became a celebrity in the world just because his image shot went viral through social media. And now; he has a movie, several modeling contracts and what not under his belt.

But at the same time; the internet is the media that people are not spared in this way and in that list. Celebrity is at the top to get the heat.

A few days ago, we saw how the Internet and harness Yasra Rizvi and its decision to tie the knot for Abdul Hadi – just because he is ten years younger than her and she goes on to say that the Internet, recently raised many controversies that have definitely make havoc of life famous figures such as athletes, celebrities and politicians .

But at the same time, the Internet plays a key role in making their lives miserable.

There are a few celebrities who took the internet to speak against mail authoritarianism such as Hamza Ali Abbasi, Oohna Shah and others in recent times, it has expressed its popular host / Dr Shaista actress Woody television and views on cyber / bullying and social media during her interview that was conducted Brandsynario .

The doctor, 39-year-old morning host turned blatantly expressed their views on how to become sensitive Pakistanis on social media. It also commented that the Pakistanis are unfamiliar and immature when it comes to social media; stating her resentment and pain towards how people in Pakistan are fond of creating fake accounts of celebrities.

She also stressed that people should be careful while expressing their views and personal opinions about social media, and must remain under the ethics and moral values ​​circles while using social media.

And not to forget.

She stressed that people should learn the basic difference between “freedom of expression” and “freedom to insult.”

Check out this video to see her message for users of social media in Pakistan:

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