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BIGG BOSS Soon in Pakistan

BIGG BOSS Soon in Pakistan

Studio Construction has begun on the superhighway for shooting, artists will be given facilities like Indian Bigg Boss. Indian television’s most popular show ‘Bigg Boss’ has been started preparing to live in Pakistan.
Sources revealed that a private TV channel ‘Bigg Boss’ has been started working on particular piece of land on the Super Highway to present in a form which will be shooting the show in which artists of ‘Big boss’ will be given facilities like the show is being kept secret with preparations for compatible technology.
Pakistani artists foreign artists and models to be after the completion of the plan will be included in the show studio. The paper prepares for the show sources also revealed that several channels also entertainment programs also shows Indian artists who have started planning on the national level since the ban on Indian programs of foreign channels will have the capacity to participate.
India initially, will be Iran, the artists prefer living in Turkey and other countries. Continue to create these rich talk show entertainment, dance and musical shows emerging artists groups who will be bound by a treaty that will perform in over the show and channel programs preparations for the reason of several other individuals associated with ad agencies said on condition of anonymity that they stop getting ads for international brands on foreign channels Indian dramas and programs of their business volume low the artists have been in this situation have expressed their concerns in the heavy words.

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