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Taxi permit

Rules and Regulations for Taxi Permit

Rules and Regulations for Taxi Permit

The primary difference between a taxi and car rental business is regulations. Taxi from organized business, strict regulation by the government, on the other hand, car rental or limousine business is de-regulated by the government.

1. The taxi fare is subject of law which can not be fare own setup, car rental or limousine allows businesses to determine their own fare.
2. Taxi registration statement also regulates badges or raised marks on the taxi to look like a taxi, and that means your car needs to be painted yellow and must look like a taxi.

According to the law and Transport Authority in the provinces, to run taxis / taxi or car rental business in Pakistan need the following licenses and permits.

Under the PROVINCIAL Motor Vehicles Act, 1965 and the law of the sale of motor vehicles in 1939 Section 94, you must have the following 4 documents to work as a taxi or rental car rental business.

You must be registered as a motor

1. Commercial Register Auto / Business. You will not get on the road license for taxis or rented a car what the car business is not registered in the tax office.

2. fitness certificate vehicles
(In Lahore, you can go to the next http://punjab.vics.pk/stations/)

3. issued a statement to the way your car can either be a taxi service or car rental service.
(We suggest to get a rental car permit) Service

4. Compulsory Third Party Insurance general liability

Please contact transport authority in the provinces and apply for a permit as “Car of the Year” for the region to act as “Taxi” or rental car operator of your PTA service. You can get a car rental permit for the operation of limousine service and in this way will your car does not need a taxi banners, but will still have the book a car where the car show registered as a rental car, which is still better than a taxi cab.


PROVINCIAL Motor Vehicles, 1965 Act
Of the Motor Vehicles Act 1939 Section 94
Detailed conversation with the supervisor of the Roads and Transport Authority to Lahore
Conversation detailed PA secretory transport additional

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