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Hailing in Lahore after so many years

LAHORE – Experts have forecast intermittent rains/snowfall over the hills and for most parts of the country including Lahore during the next 24 hours.

Widespread rains, strong winds, isolated hailstorm and snowfall over the hills caused considerable decrease in the mercury level, increasing chill in weather yesterday.

Parts of the country received rainfall of varying intensities, disturbing routine life by causing urban flooding, massive traffic jams and frequent power shutdowns.

In Lahore, rains, hailstorm and continuously blowing winds increased chill in weather by causing considerable decrease in temperature during the day and at night.Hailing in Lahore after so many years

Significant winter rains and snowfall over the hills increased the intensity of cold wave all over the country by decreasing the mercury level.

The rains and hailstorm have washed away accumulated pollutants and broke the sequence of dryness. It will provide relief to the people from skin dryness and allergy, itching, common cold, pain in joints, respiratory tract infection, cough and flu, wheezy chest and stomach upset”, said leading family physician Dr Abdul Rauf. The wet conditions and clearing of atmosphere from pollution has provided much needed relief to the asthma patients, he added.

According to experts, strong westerly wave is prevailing over the country. This weather system is expected to produce more rains/snowfall in the country till Thursday (today).

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