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Girls in Hijab vs Modern Girls

Girls in Hijab vs Modern Girls A few friends of this experience in New York City, USA. First, the girl walked through areas of Manhattan, New York City, United States for five hours in any modern casual dress jeans, T-shirt and cardigan. Then the same girl walked through the streets …

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Girls Dance Video of a College in Lahore shameful act

girls dance video

Girls Dance Video of a College in Lahore Colleges promote dance, music and “open environment” which is very dangerous for the young generation of Pakistan. Watch this video and share your comments that what’s going to organize these jobs and what should be the role of parents, teachers and the …

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Shocking Video of Pakistani Guy played on Skype


Pakistan may be a country wherever extortion prevails in its widest vary. Not simply absolute extortion – the country is additionally home to a flexible list of scammers. The recent social-media scamming in Asian nation and alternative Arab countries is totally freaky. Multiple platforms like Facebook, Skype and Youtube area …

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