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IFlix is now available in Pakistan 300 per month only


IFlix is now available in Pakistan 300 per month only Glimpsed in the broadcast online service Kuala Lumpur-based launch of Pakistan in the month of March. It was detected another teaser with more details in September. iFlix now officially launched its services in Pakistan. About iFlix The company compares himself …

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Bollywood Celebraties before and after Losing Weight

Bollywood Celebraties

Bollywood Celebraties  before and after Losing Weight We always imagine our favorite Bollywood stars to be slim, smart and beautiful, but in fact many of the actors and actresses who look hot, smart and suitable was in fact a huge and fat before starting their careers showbiz. Being in the …

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Arshad Khan decided to leave showbiz


Arshad khan touching the heights of the tea’s popularity on social media Khan has said goodbye to showbiz world. Get your beautiful eyes and a reputation for attractive personality in social media after it is published on the Facebook site Islamabad tea working bistros Arshad Khan alias ‘tea’ I not …

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Meesha Shafi is Part of Illuminati claimed by Pakistani

Meesha Shafi

The mother of all controversies may need simply erupted in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. one thing terribly out of the normal, terribly discouraging and nearly impractical – these are the claims that you just ar getting ready to see within the following video, submitted by a Pakistani Youtuber as he …

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Christmas Train To Travel Through Pakistan


Christmas holiday themed train on Thursday set on a trip to move through Pakistan in an effort to promote tolerance in the country. Adorned with holiday Christmas lights and fake snow, and with vehicles that have pictures and greetings to prominent Christian Pakistani government says it hopes to change attitudes …

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Christmas in Pakistan


In Pakistan, December 25 is a public holiday, but it is in memory of the founder of the Pakistan. As in India, Christmas is a very small event for the population. But like Pakistan, with a population of more than 162 million people, there are more than five million Christians! Most Christians …

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Who pays how much tax in bollywood? Revealed Truth


Bollywood Actor Hrithik Roshan not only faced problems in his personal life but also became the person who became the highest tax payers in 2016. Actor, last year paid 50 crore tax but this year he paid highest tax 80 crore this year. This list includes 72 million tax payer, Amir Khan, who is 2nd in …

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