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Famous Pakistani Models and Actresses in 2016


Pakistani models have gotten quality quickly recently thanks to their beauty and acting skills. I actually have created a listing of high 10 illustrious models of Pakistan who are equally liked  by everybody altogether. There are many others but these have some extra ordinary qualities. BEST PAKISTANI MODELS MAHNOOR BALOCH Mahnoor Baloch …

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Urwa Hocane to do her debut song


Many of the actors tried their luck in acting and having failed, they turned to singing. But in the case of failure! Urwa Hocane who recently appeared in the drama series Udaari who can not only by civil society but got fame at the international level as well. Mira also appeared …

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Aamir Khan just went from flab to fab

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is known to be one of the most dedicated actors in Bollywood. I have time and again proved that he is willing to go to all the extremism to adopt personal roles. Due to the dedication that it requires, it has been limited to a maximum of producing …

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Meekal Hassan & Rubya Chaudhry Got Married

Meekal Hassan

If you are aware of who is Meekal Hassan, and we applaud the refined taste in music! Meekal Hassan is one of the band Meekal Hassan, one of the most talented musicians in the country at the moment. He was able to stay away from the chaos that brings the …

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Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal Both Raise Voices for Kashmir!


The issue of Kashmir, the cause of the most important since the beginning of Pakistan. Muslims are suffering enormous levels of physical repression of peaceful protest as a result. Violation of human rights in that region is India and it’s still something that has been pushing the United Nations to …

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Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed Secret Marriage

Urwa Hocane

VJ turned actor Urwa Hocane secretly married the singer turned actor Farhan Saeed, according to the latest buzz. There are thousands of fans on the high-Pakistani celebrity alike who clicked on the Internet to find out what is hilarious happy secretly married with Urwa Hocane. Urwa Hocane – known for her role …

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7 Things should be known about Fawad Khan and his wife

Fawad Khan

Today marks the anniversary of the 11th wedding Pakistani singer / songwriter turned actor Fawad Khan with his childhood sweetheart, Sadaf. The couple together, and two children (a son and a daughter). It is recognized widely for the couple as a “target” for the thousands of fans and Fawad. Here’s what …

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