Alcohol is Haram in Islam and Science Claimed It

Alcohol is Haram in Islam and Science Claimed It

Islam, which is considered the most perfect in the world of religion, and places some restrictions on his followers and believers. In Islam, it has been dubbed the name of alcohol is forbidden and against the concept of belief and religion altogether. However, for many, religion stop the work is often questioned, but when science suggests them to refrain from the act, they turn to the faithful.

Alcohol found the world’s English-language name from the Arabic word Al Cole. Al Cole means drink made from fermented grains, fruits or other ingredients. This intoxicating beverages, in the Koran, has been named “Khumar”, which means poisoning, because when a person is under the influence, they are diametrically opposed to what it is when sober.


The Harmful Effects of Alcohol According to Science, NOT Islam


Where knowledge of alcohol as a depressant that works on the nervous system, resulting in a stimulating effect on the brain, which gradually works its way into the body. By fermenting sugar and yeast, the main component of the alcohol is ethyl alcohol, which produce different effects through a number of different factors.

According Healthline’s, “even a small amount of alcohol has an effect on your body. When you drink, absorbs alcohol into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body. There is a small amount of alcohol the body exits in urine and breath. I was the absorption of alcohol more slowly if you eat, especially if the food it was high in fat. However, if you drink more than your body can handle, you will get drunk. How quickly the alcohol is metabolized depends on the size and gender, among other things. alcohol consumption causes physical and emotional changes that can to cause great harm to your body. long-term effects of alcohol abuse are many, and put your health at serious risk of exposing your life.


Excretory system is responsible for processing and removal of waste products such as alcohol from the body. As part of this process, the pancreas secretes digestive enzymes which combine with bile from the gallbladder to help digest food. It helps the pancreas to regulate insulin and glucose. Alcohol can wreak havoc on the digestive tract, from the mouth all the way to the colon. Even one occurrence of heavy drinking can infect parts of the digestive tract.

In some cases, a single episode of heavy drinking can cause a problem for your heart. It’s even more likely to suffer heart if you are a chronic drinker. Women who drink at the top of the heart more than the risk of damage to men. Erectile dysfunction is a common form of alcohol abuse among men of side effects. It can also inhibit the production of the hormone affect testicular function, and cause infertility. ”

Islam forbids alcohol for a number of reasons other than science


Narrated by the famous companion Jaber incident, recorded in the collections of Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah:

One day, as he came out of his mosque, the Prophet Muhammad, God has sent praise of God be upon him, he noticed his cousin and son-in-law, Ali b. Abi Talib, clearly upset. When the Prophet asked, worried about what worried him, Ali simply pointed to the bloody carcass him dearly cherished camel – not the normal camel, but the camel survived the war I had to mount in the valiant defense that his Prophet and Islam on the battlefield. Ali said that the Prophet One of his uncles was responsible for the killings is unacceptable for an animal to him, and so the Prophet went to check him (ie Uncle) side of the story.

Entry in the presence of his uncle, the Prophet found him drunk with alcohol. Upon seeing the resentment in the face of his nephew, he knew his uncle at one time, in spite of his intoxication, that the Prophet had come to question him about the monster on the war. With something good to say to defend himself, blurted’s, drunken uncle suffering from guilt to his nephew: “You and your father Ebadi!” The only response was the prophet of boom insult to exclaim: “Really, alcohol is the mother of all evil!”


The first revelation to the alcohol ban in Makkah has revealed, before Hijrat and the rest at a later date:

“It is the fruit of the palm as you vine out health and nutritional drink: Behold, this is also a sign for those wise” (16:67) – “and they ask you about alcohol and gambling, he says:” In them is great sin, and some profit, for men. But the sin is greater than the profit … “(2: 219) -” O ye who believe! Approach not prayers with a mind befogged, until you spend can understand everything you say … “(4:43) –
“… The devil just wants to cast among you enmity and hatred in schnapps and games of chance and to turn you from remembrance of Allah and from prayer. Will then stop” (5: 90-91).

In short, it can be seen easily that Islam forbids alcohol centuries ago the concept of science or medical judgment Detailed came up. There are many reasons why Islam is perfect, and one of them is how to bend science prophecies and rules set by God Almighty and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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