Online Grocery Shopping now Available in Lahore

Online Grocery Shopping now Available in Lahore

Residents of the Heart of Pakistan, Lahore, can now be carry-out their grocery shopping from the comfort of home through

online-grocery-shopping lahore

Site allows residents of Lahore to order different grocery products on the Internet, thorough phone call, Landline & whats-app and then be handed over these items in their own homes.

Free delivery if your order is over Rs. 500; less than that amount of orders, delivery fee of Rs. He accused 50 PKR.

Its users just logged on to the and put their order online. The site is offering a wide range of products including food and household items,vegetable, fruits, drinks, beauty products, baby items, and much more.

The site also provides special offers for offices and households. These packages include, among other things, free delivery and discounts.

Online shopping in general is picking up in Pakistan and more and more players now enter into this market. Online grocery shopping and save time and money fuel from Lahore’s population, could be a solution hassle-free to the needs of the grocery store.


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