Tyresse Gibson Viewed in Mosque in Qatar


Tyrese Gibson visited a musjid in Qatar and was pictured during a} very riveting fashion. The Hollywood actor is immensely seen traveling the world, exploring the cultures and mingling in practices. The Hollywood star may be a important a part of The quick and therefore the Furious franchise. He has …

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Chashma-III Nuclear Project will end Loadshedding

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday inaugurated power production from 340 power unit Chashma-III nuclear power plant ‘C-III’ close to Mianwali. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the prime minister slammed the opposition, business on them to refrain from ‘sabotaging’ Pakistan’s national interests. “We should not waste our time launching supererogatory protests,” …

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Supreme Court to seek milk and water


Food Authority told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that samples of thirty dairy farm for milk and 313 beverage firms had been collected and sent to its laboratory for analysis. Giving an announcement before a two-judge bench on Tuesday, PFA Director General Noorul Amin Mengal aforesaid strict action would be …

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Online Degree Attestation Service in Pakistan


Higher Education Commission (HEC) was creating efforts to upgrade all existing degree verification system and its records into the trendy on-line system by taking important steps during this regard. Earlier, the attestation and accreditation (AA) division of HEC appearance into the affairs of verification, equivalence through standard means that to ascertain …

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3800 year old potato garden in Canada


Ancient potato recently dug abreast of Canada´s seashore area unit blackened, however area unit the primary proof, that North natives tended gardens a minimum of 3800 years in past. Archeologists crystal rectifier by Tanja Hoffmann and Simon Fraser University terminated that the inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest had designed the soil to amplify …

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Forget Alcohol Try ‘Meth’ Over Others


From alcohol, chars, alternative chemical medicine to the artificial ice, conjointly referred to as Crystal shabu, Shabu, Crystal or D-Meth. Ice or shabu is that the purest and most potent sort of methamphetamine. It comes as a powder or crystals that are sometimes snorted, injected or preserved. shabu in West …

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Judicial E-Stamps Launched in Punjab


Judicial e-Stamp paper is launched in entire Punjab. These are the combined efforts of Punjab Government and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Pakistan. The first paper was issued today at the Bank of Punjab Civil Lines Branch, Lahore. Before this the non-judicial e-stamping was adopted in 36 districts of Punjab. This …

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Android App to stop women harassment soon to be realeased


Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) is developing a smartphone application to protect women from harassment at workplace, public areas or domestic violence using the latest technology. Women will be able to notify the officials of Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication (PPIC3) about any incident of oppression. The police …

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Arshad Khan Latest Music Video Left Everyone Shocked

Music Video

In start, an Islamabad citizen, an ordinary tea-seller, Arshad Khan was all over social media for a long time with his viral picture taken by a pakistani journalist. When she saw that arshad has got fame from a single picture then she realized that god can give a single person …

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New Year Eve 2017 in Pakistan Celebration

New Year

New Year’s Day in Islamic Republic of Pakistan is well known with fervor across a mess of culturally, ethnically and religiously various communities. In Pakistan, on 1st January people celebrate new year on different places with special prayers on special and religious grounds. Local and federal government arrange new year parties …

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