Raees beats Kaabil at box office

Raees beats Kaabil at box office

Raees beats Kaabil at box office

Reese and Kaabil issued on January 25, both courtesy of the stars in Bollywood roles leads.

But it seems that Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira film Raees excelled on the opening day.

According Pinkvilla’s, collection managers Rahul Dholakia INR200 million on Wednesday, while Kaabil collected on INR70.5 million.

In a previous interview, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan expressed displeasure on Kaabil get less screen time. “I was in shock when newspapers opened today and I saw the listings of theaters. I tried my best to tell all the exhibitors that you have to adjust the direction of clashing movies: they have to go 50-50. It is not good for producers, distributors and exhibitors and the public, or else.”

Continued Rakesh, “People do not have much money to spend in a week, to see the two films. But after giving me the assurances, they have done this under any pressure, and I do not know. If they could come under pressure, then our industry will never move forward . We will go back to back. “

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