We have to adopt fitness culture in Country,Nasrullah Rana

We have to adopt fitness culture in Country,Nasrullah Rana


Nasrullah Rana is IAAF Level-II lecturer   International  Trainer Coach and founder of Pakistan strength and conditioning association Pakistan  Said we have to adopt fitness culture in Country , with out this culture we  can  not improve our sports standard in world sports and cannot become a fit and healthy nation.


He said that it is unfortunate that we are seeking to keep ourselves fit without any guidance and planning, we do not know the basic things and we want to create  become healthy and have  fit body. In other countries, peoples are focusing on  fitness and diet, which is why they have gone far beyond us, He revealed that mostly  trainers working in different gyms are not  being educated, our focus is now gibing  educate trainers from the Pakistan Strength and Conditioning Association platform, we have introduce Degree program in this field, after getting degree  they can adopt modern methods to give awareness, what fitness is and  how can live  and enjoy life by making the body fit.


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