Whoa! New ‘Temple Run’ character looks exactly like Pakistani actor Fawad Khan

Whoa! New ‘Temple Run’ character looks exactly like Pakistani actor Fawad Khan

Is Fawad Khan Coming To Temple Run 2?Is Fawad Khan Coming To Temple Run 2

One of the popular game ‘Temple Run’ had gamers wondering after they released the image of central character and boy, he looks exactly like Pakistani hearthrob Fawad Khan. They had released it on their Facebook post, which has now been deleted.
Even Temple Run’s official Twitter account recently revealed the new character look for the game.
The game is ‘Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle’. Interestingly, a tattoo of Lord Ganesha can be seen on his arm.
Neither Imangi Studios, nor Fawad Khan himself has confirmed about being a part of the new ‘Temple Run 2’ update, but from the looks of it, it definitely looks like him.

Over the years, several celebrities have been added to Temple Run as playable characters, including Usain Bolt, Bruce Lee and many sports players — Fawad Khan looks like the latest one to be added to that list.

What new explorers will emerge to escape the Lost Jungle? #LostJungle

Even Twitter hasn’t missed this. case on point, the tweets below.


If you’re a Pakistani and a Temple Run 2 fan, then we may have some exciting news for you.

Imagi Studios, the creators of the game is teasing a new expansion of their popular endless runner game called ‘Lost Jungle’

But what really makes it special for Pakistanis is that it may feature Fawad Khan.

The company teased the new expansion with an image of a character that has an accurate resemblance to Fawad Khan.

Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle was first teased last week at the Mobile World Congress reveal of LG G6.

The new phone with it’s 9:18 resolution is a gold mine for video watchers and gamers. It features a large 5.7 inches screen which are ideal for gaming on the go.

But there are very few games that support the new 9:18 aspect ratio.Is Fawad Khan Coming To Temple Run 2

To promote their new screen, LG partnered with several video game developers to bring updated version of their games. This also includes the new expansion of Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 has over 100 million downloads all over the world. It is also hugely popular in Pakistan. After looking at the popularity of the game in the South Asian region, it should come as no surprise that a real life face from the area is being added to the game.

This isn’t the first time Imangi Studios is bringing a famous celebrity to the game. Previously it had included people like:

Usain Bolt
Bruce Lee
Russell Wilson (NFL Player)
Cam Newton (NFL Player)
Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle is coming soon. We will add more details about Fawad Khan’s appearance as soon as more news is available.

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