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Cyber massive attack acknowledge appointed bottom of the main sites

Cyber Attack

Dozens of major Web sites are currently being dos massive attack that almost paralyzed the Internet and the western media is reporting.

It is said that the main DNS service called Dyn (dynamic) exposed to attacks that blocked access to sites such as including:

The New York Times,
Business Insider,
Boston Globe,
Vox media properties and others.
Dyn – along with other DNS servers – as a layer of solution has the IP addresses of the sites we write. Thus, for example, if you type ProPakistani.PK, DNS server that resolves this domain name and returns an IP address that appears to users.

If attacked DNS layer, it becomes impossible for URLs to be solved, and thus become sites inaccessible.

What is a DoS attack:

Distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) is how they were throwing a stupid computer data in a manner that the computer or resource becomes unavailable to legitimate users of others.

The Internet has become a fully slowdown

Even those sites that do not directly target currently respond slow. It is scheduled to network dependencies and guidance operations involving components that are under attack this slow.

The Dane, who was attacked by a few hours before, however, have been recovered services quickly. And then launched a new, more serious, attack for nearly half an hour (around 22:15 Pakistan time) that completely knocked down access to the service, and ultimately many of the dozens of sites became inaccessible.

Dane participated without updating just minutes ago (about 23:00 Pakistani time):

Our engineers continue to investigate and mitigate several attacks targeting DNS Dyn infrastructure (dynamic) under management.

It is said dos attack targeted toward servers United States – mainly across the east coast – this is a place that has been done major damage. Servers in Asia and Europe to remain less affected during that time.

Initial reports say that this is one of the largest DDoS attacks in history, which is still ongoing.

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