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Viral Facebook Hoax deceived millions. Here’s how to avoid it

Facebook Hoax

Life is good – as long as you have Wi-Fi. With the Internet at your fingertips, you can learn more about anything and everything, watching TV shows and movies throughout the day, and connect with your friends on Facebook. However, are you willing to do these things if it costs you your personal information?
The Facebook message threatening to go viral and users involved in this message has spread like wildfire. Apparently, by copying and pasting this letter you stop Facebook “from the use of images and information, or photos.


You may have seen the situation being shared by friends and family over the Internet. Unfortunately for them, the viral trend is a complete hoax. This trick has been dated back to as far away as regions in June 2012 and sometimes come back to appear between now and then. The whole situation as follows:
Citing the letter of law “UCC 1-308- 11308-103” and the Rome Statute as defenses against the use of the site and social media of your images. Unsurprisingly, copy and paste the situation does nothing at all. Using Facebook and check marks that the “terms and conditions” box, you already agree that they can use pictures and posts, but the way they want.


In November 2012, page verification “Facebook and privacy,” posted a message about the rumors circulating: “This is not true. Anyone who uses Facebook owns and controls the content and information that in addition, as stated in our terms. They control how to share this content and information. This is our policy , and always it was. ”
After circulated more and more tricks Facebook site, Facebook shared another job in an attempt to put an end to everything: “While there may be water on Mars, do not believe everything you read on the Internet today. Facebook is free and always will be. The thing about copy and paste the legal notice is just a trick. Stay safe ground there!


So there you have it. Do not believe everything you read on Facebook. If you’re still not sure what is fact and what is fiction, be sure to read the policy on Facebook.


What are your thoughts about the trick? Let us know in the comments below and sharing this information with your friends with Facebook. If you want to check out more jobs like this one and then click on the “Next Post ‘button below.




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