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Samsung profits drop by 30% following Note 7 Disaster

Samsung profitability will take a blow after he was calling an unprecedented pioneering smart phone never in doubt.

It’s not a surprise that the company has announced that its profit sank 30 percent, in the wake of a disaster 0.4500000000 $ from $ 6.4 billion last quarter only.

However, once we begin to talk about the Samsung is not the real picture becomes clear.

Dried profit from the division by about 96 percent to just $ 87.8 million, not the character you see is usually associated with Samsung.

This also would be worrying for the entire company, and the division between the mobile company’s three centers,

along with semiconductors and displays.

“I have seen the company’s business phone quarterly decline in profit is largely due to the effects of the Galaxy stop Note7.”

This hurts the company probably more when you consider that note 7 had long been considered the Holy Grail and the Samsung was supposed to break all records on its release numbers.

However, shortly after the launch of the phone is problematic, in a few cases causing accidents even life-threatening.

This led to the call and after the abolition of bitter,

but, after having cleared the wreckage while confidence-building could take years.

Marginal silver lining among the debris could be the continued success of the Galaxy phones S7 and S7 edge,

complemented by sales growth in the middle class through the Galaxy A and J series.

It is likely to become much “more natural” things come the fourth quarter.

It’s not a big surprise to colleagues J.K. CEO Shin apology for criticism of how the release Note 7,

adding his company’s priority continues to gain back the confidence of shareholders issued.

After the company announced a lower profit in eight years, one can expect anything else.

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