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Telenor is misleading the rocket 39 million customers in Pakistan


After the launch of 4G services in the country,

that Pakistan’s recent crackdown on broadcast Telenor 4G services in Pakistan with a very exciting virtual companies.

To some extent talking, it has done well with virtual companies that aims to educate the public

about the use of the Internet and its benefits. The advertising campaign, which works on every kind of Pakistani television channels,

depicts how the mobile Internet can simplify the routine lives of Pakistanis.

All of this is good.

We take a look at how Telenor has, through misleading advertising, it has mislead customers.

Let’s first look at one of the virtual companies to:

When you arrive in 00:40 seconds, the TV ad says:

Telenor 4G, Bilkul Free (Telenor 4G, completely free)

That the misleading slogan on many levels.

For example 4G Telenor is not completely free instead Telenor offers 100MBs only from the Internet

as a daily free gift to customers 4G, and after that will be charged according to subscriber base price or any regular plan they use.

To add insult to injury, and customers are unaware of these packages with 100MB can not figure out

whether their free balance data may consume or not, this means that there is no way to verify the remainder of this mega Free Giveaway.

Telenor said on its FAQ page:

Question: How can a common choice of the remaining size of the Internet (Mega)?

The answer: the joint can not verify the size of the Internet remaining in this Mega will be free on PAYG

If your phone is in data mode (using 4G) services, once exhausted this package is free, and the operator

then deduct your account balance, so that it is completely exhausted.

Customers, after exhausting 100MBs free, and will be charged at the rate of a huge base of Rs. 12 per MB.

Telenor Pakistan clearly lied to its customers with a trap that can cause them to lose their balance in full within minutes only.

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