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Atif Aslam Concert

Pakistani rock star Atif Aslam Concert at SOT 2016

Atif Aslam Concert

Pakistani rock star Atif Aslam Concert  at SOT 2016

ROYAL PALM LAHORE, 360newsmag. — Pakistani superstar singer Atif Aslam deliver an electrifying performance 06 Nov. in a two-hour concert billed as “School of Tomorrow,” presented by Becanhouse School System. The popular Rock Star proved that creativity and art has no boundaries and succeeded in bringing their fans in great numbers to the Royal palm country club for a completely jam-Packed show.

The jam-packed venue was decorated with lighted balls was hanging from the ceiling and gigantic media screens flanking either sides of the stage, which was decorated with brilliant, colored lights with changing hues, creating a classy party atmosphere. The audience could sense that this was an extraordinarily huge concert unlike any other they had seen before. The sound system was impeccable, befitting a concert this big.

The staggering number of cars waiting to enter the parking lot created a traffic jam on the Dhram Pura Road and so the organizers had to make concessions to allow the 2000-plus crowd to enter the venue and take their seats before starting the show.

 The Free show had Aslam take the stage with his band. As the band played in high tempo and the lights dimmed, the  host, welcomed Aslam onto the stage. Dressed in a black leather jacket and black pants, the dashing and handsome Aslam started the show with his chartbuster song, “Piya o re piya,” to thunderous applause. He followed it up with his Bollywood chartbusters, “Jeene Lagaa Hoon Pehle Se Zyada,” “Tera Hone Lagaa Hoon, Jabse Mila Hoon,” “Dorri shi jaye na,” “Mein Rang Sharbaton Ka,” “Jiya Re Jiya,” and many more to the audience’s delight. He brought the crowd to their feet and near to the stage to interact with him as belted out the foot-tapper Sufi song, “Damaa Dam Mast Kalandar.” and Taj Dar e Haram.

The crowd loved him!
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Atif Aslam’s Exclusive Concert Pictures from Royal Palm, Lahore



Atif Aslam Concert

Atif Aslam Concert

Atif AslamAtif Aslam ConcertAtif Aslam












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