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TCS partners with UPS to expand its international operations

TCS growth in economic activity along with the boom expected in the coming years offer opportunities for local players to establish a foothold in the market of Pakistan and for this purpose,

signed TCS partnership with UPS to provide international express delivery services in the country to millions of customers.

Agreement on strengthening and expanding the sector reflects the courier delivery and

the package was also the synergy witnessed recently when I got Muller and Phipps OCS courier services and

also set a business partnership with FedEx for international courier services.

TCS, authorized service contractor, has been a subsidiary of UPS, which is the world’s largest carrier and package express delivery.

Pakistani market has seen from The Courier and the land sector (CEP) average annual growth of 13%

to reach $ 300 million 2010-15, according to estimates, which are likely to maintain double-digit growth of more than 10 % by 2016-2020.

Sector saw the ground (CEP) Pakistan Courier and an average annual growth rate of 13% to reach $ 300 million 2010-15
TCS is the largest market players in the domestic market share of 60 percent,

but now it is setting his sights on expanding itself in the international market to benefit benefit from the largest operative network in Pakistan.

At the moment, he said DHL to hold a market share of 70% and a partnership with OCS and FedEx,

and sub-partner of Muller and Phipps.

On the contrary, UPS is still a small player in Pakistan but it is certainly challenging rivals DHL and FedEx with TCS, courier,

logistics and e-commerce provider.

According to estimates by TCS officials, there are 10 levers of value creation that this partnership will be presented,

and the opening 70 to US $ 80 million (~ 65% increase in the size of the combined entity) merged with the potential costs have yet to be evaluated.

He said M.A. Mannan, Chairman and CEO of TCS Holdings President:

This is a wonderful moment for us, and we expect a large generation of long-term added value to customers,

and both companies as a result of this strategic alliance, which would contribute significantly to the national economy.

UPS operates an integrated supply chain and a global network serving more than 220 countries and territories.

On the other hand, TCS has the largest footprint 800+ Express centers (retail) and 4,000 professionals delivery outlets.

Muller and Phipps has 5000+ professionals, stationed in the 89+ sites,

reaching across 950+ towns and cities across the country 7+ warehouses, depots and 50+ common +900 vans owned.

According to DHL sites that exist with a strong network of branches from 54 service points,

with the support of 220 cars and more than 500 employees working in Pakistan.


On the other hand, it has a small local players face tough times to grow its presence in the local market.

There are players in the express delivery including Leopard Courier, SPEEDEX, DCS Courier Service, Paradise delivery and logistics, etc.

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