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Local channels says Donald Trump was born in Pakistan

However, we believe that what has been aired recently by Donald Trump may be the most surprising news,

which exceeded all limits considered stupid.

Even packages yourself in, because the neoconservatives News reported that Donald Trump was originally born in Pakistan.

As he mentioned his name is Dawood Ibrahim, not Donald Trump.

All of this was based on some sarcastic comments by a small number of people on social media.

According to their report, adopted by the Trump family, and he was taken out after that.

The report ran on the TV screen minister, and certainly (hopefully) that will make viewers change the channel to something less stupid. Maintaining correspondent joyful tone while reporting,

perhaps because even the same can not understand why she was being forced to report such moronic story.

If the news was not ridiculous enough already, and have shown a random image of a child with blonde hair on television,

which was supposed to be Donald Trump’s childhood. By neo News logic, all people are the same hair color are the same people.

So we have a population of 7 billion can narrow the many hair colors we have.


Take a look and laugh the courage to come out in the report do not make sense in Pakistan criteria:

This applies to to show you that there are no boundaries and does not reflect the media to make a catchy title.

This behavior needs to be taken into account by the authorities to filter the content of these channels is misleading promote.

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