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Vulgar Question in AIOU Exam Left Shock on Social Media

Questions raised in the exams of Matric Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), students are asked to describe the

“personality of his elder brother” anger across Pakistan. The question seems to be in the function of English 2 exam

for the second semester 2016.

What makes the issue of crossing the land “could be an innocent mistake” to “What the hell?” It is that students are asked

to describe the age, body structure, height, apparently, position and other characteristics of older sisters.


People were quick to anger after he carried a copy of the question to social media and described it as offensive, vulgar and

unethical. Many resignation of teachers who have made and scanned paper demanded.

This is not the first time drawn the ire of school and social media. Not long ago, Beaconhouse issued a circular which

banned the use of Punjabi language in and around school buildings. It sparked large protests and forced the school to issue

a public apology.

Speaking to the newspaper Pakistan, student, said:

Initially I thought it was a mistake. When I asked observations about the nature of [this] question, he simply refused to

explain anything and asked me to end my paper.

But not commented AIOU in this regard, but we will update as soon as there is a response from the university.

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