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Pakistani Built Batmobile From Scratch And Its Pretty Accurate

Shaheer Khan called himself the biggest fan of Batman in Pakistan and by all means, he is not joking around.

To show his love for Batman, a famous went to the extreme ends to build his own Batmobile.


It took more than a year to build the Batmobile

Fulfill his dream and show love for Batman is not an easy task. That famous building Batmobile based on the model “The Dark Knight,” which was featured in the trilogy. It took a full year to build a vehicle.


Joint famous journey by explaining how it started moving machines with four tires of the rear wheels. I’ve also had to get installed on aircraft tires, which was the front.


Then later went on to build a fully customized car structure.

According to Shaheer, and it was the hardest part of building the car to get to work on aircraft frames.


What really makes this is the most accurate Batmobile in the world due to its cover

According to a famous umbrella is the most important feature of the car. He said he wanted to make sure it was accurate as much as possible to the Batmobile Tumbler appeared in movies. He had to make sure that the car was an umbrella to work.

Awning still does not open the way it should be, but this is not something a famous worried about it in the movies, it was the opening of the umbrella from the front as possible using the electronic doll with footage from inside the car are being taken on a soundstage. This makes the Batmobile in the famous Batmobile only one in the world that have a functional umbrella.

Cameras were also added into the car sound system to listen to his favorite tracks while driving around the streets of Karachi.

He also does not intend to sell the car, ever.

Watch him lead the Batmobile in Karachi:

Shaheer Khan is not only the biggest fan of Batman, he is also a magician

It has also already famous Khan waves on the internet through the mind reading skills and performance fictional.


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