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Smoking shops banned
Smoking shops banned

cigarette shops closed till 12am Government new Policy

Shops must have to closed by 10 pm

Government Punjab Announced that  Cigarette Shops closed till 12 am.
After 10 pm they can not sale cigarette.
according to New Policy Cigarette did not sold to the children under 18.
the Cigarette shops can not be open near  100 meter radius  of any  Schools, Colleges and Universities.
If someone will not obey the orders then Punjab Government will take action.

Young People and Smoking

Prevalence of smoking
It is estimated that every year around the 207,000 children in the United Kingdom begins smoking.1
Among adults

Smokers, about two-thirds report that they took up smoking before the age of 18 and more than 80%
Before the age of 20.2
A survey in 2011 Lifestyle General of adult smokers that nearly
It was two-fifths (40%) started smoking regularly before the age of 16.3Smoking shops banned


Among the children who try smoking is estimated to be likely that between a third and a half
Get used to smoking within 2-3 years.4

The annual government survey of smoking among high school students in England
Regular smoking is known as cigarette smoking at least once a week. But most pupils
Smoking is much more than this in 2014, students are classified as regular smokers smoked
On average (mean) of 31.1 cigarettes per week. Occasional smokers consume an average of 5
Cigarette week.5
The number of cigarettes smoked regular smoked significantly decreased
Since 2007.
Still the proportion of children who have never smoked in decline. In 2014, 18% of 11-
And between the ages of 15 years (22% in 2013) smoked once, at least, the lowest percentage since the survey
It began in 1982, when 53% tried smoking.5
In the past decade, the proportion of children who
Never smokers than ever before and more than half from 42% in 2003 to 18% in 2014.5
Regular smoking increases with age, from 0% of those aged between 11 years to 8% of olds.5 15 years.

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