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Here’s Why marriage of the wrong person will end

One thing we all want to avoid in life. We try hard to avoid it, so then we have failed. That may be because we encountered a range of problems that arise when trying to gain closure with each other. In the end, we marry the wrong person. The question is, why does it happen?

“no one is perfect”
It may be because we tend to be frustrated when people disagree with us, and just relax when things do not go our way. The issue is that we do not really dig into the complexities we have.

When someone tries to reveal our shortcomings, we say, we get angry in the end, we begin to hate the person.

We try very hard to understand our partners. Visit their families, meet their friends, and look at their pictures,

and hear their stories, thinking that we actually understand them. In fact, none of this is ever enough.

Marriage, then, becomes a gamble hope between two strangers who decide to planning for the future together, in the hope that it will be best for them.


Unreasonability of marriage
Generations, and the reasons for marriage is simple: “Long live near you, a well-off family, and her father is a judge, combine the powers of the two houses or all of the families that participated in the same piece of the sacred text.”

Even these reasons, loneliness, abuse, pain, disbelief happens to seep in and point to notice that in a marriage,

the feelings of two people are drawn towards each other by instinct irresistible.

Thus, it can be foolish in fact be safer for the marriage, it acts as a counterweight to all the errors of the mind.

We feel loved when we feel happy
When we are to find happiness in marriage, we seek intimacy.

We want to restore the memory of all happy in our relationship: help someone when they are out of control,

and the denial of love from the parents, or very unsafe to communicate desires.

When we grow up, we reject candidates not because they were wrong, but it is also true – sympathetic,

mature and balanced. However, these sentiments are alien to us, and we can not connect ‘love’ with a feeling of happiness.

Perhaps this is a wonderful feeling we want to make is always decide to get married.

The proposed during a beautiful sunset on the beach, with the sun trying to break through the ocean.

We got married because we wanted to make emotions like that permanently.

However, we find ourselves at a later date in a house in the suburbs,

with the noise of children crying and fighting with our partners. When everything is changing, I think that they are not who you thought they were.


Compatibility – an achievement OF LOVE
It is necessary to abandon the idea of a romantic, rather than your partner at this stage.

West’s understanding of marriage, which is that “there is the presence of a person who would meet our needs and meet our yearning” is not quite correct.

Marriage is much more than that.

Sharing a romantic view of the tragic awareness that everyone will frustrate and irritate you,

and will do the same for them. Vacuum and shortages can seep in, but it should not be the basis for a divorce.

To choose someone means you should choose any suffering you want to sacrifice yourself for.

Pessimism in marriage relieves pressure excessive fantasy that our culture places romance after marriage.

The best partner is not one who shares your likes and dislikes – but the person who can disagree intelligently.

People tolerate differences with negotiating and generosity is what makes couples compatible. It should not be a pre-condition, it is to be achieved.

Romance is cruel philosophy – abandoned. We end up alone and are convinced that our marriage is not “normal.” We all have to learn how to accommodate ourselves for the “wrongness” of the Union.

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