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FINCA, the Bank of Punjab signs MoU

Signed FINCA Foundation for Microfinance Bank Limited memorandum of understanding with the Bank of Punjab to issue Master cards to its customer base.

Through its licensing by the balance of payments,

and the Finca issue Master Card branded debit cards for basic banking, as well as customers of bank branches.

FINCA Bank is going through an experimental launch of banking services without branches,

and plans to launch a commercial basis in early 2017.

The ceremony, which was held at the headquarters in Lahore,

where he was senior officials from the younger finca Finance Bank,

and the balance of payments attended the signing ceremony of the signing.

At the signing ceremony, President and CEO of FINCA Bank Microfinance Mr. Mudassar Aqil,

President said he was very excited and committed to seeing the average systolic blood of the

national strategy compress financial inclusion, we believe, by the year 2020 will FINCA be one of the

largest contributors to the industry Mobile accounts, by offering innovative products and value-added services

to end users. He added; and Mastercard debit card to add ease and convenience users at the end of their lives.

The banking BOP Mr. Ahmad Shah Durrani, president of the consumer group, and we believe in the team and FINCA feeling really proud of this relationship.

This relationship has strategic value and will add a lot of value on both sides of the table.

He said that in the next five years, a lot of the big players will be surprised by the value-added strategies and penetration by small banks in the digital financial district.

Mr. Waqas Anis, head of payment balance of payments services.

We tried always to provide services box to organizations and institutions, financial institutions and end users. The balance of payments had a lot of hopes by this relationship in the future.

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