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Pak-China CPEC Agreement

Should Watch CCTV Documentary on CPEC!

Channel documentaries popular and created a CCTV Documentary film to highlight the CPEC and many sub-projects included in Pakistan. The documentary seems in these projects from the point of an individual point of view, and how it can help anyone.

It starts with the shedding issue in Pakistan electrical load, how much it costs and how they affect the country’s population.

The documentary film slowly moves to the Chinese industry to develop transformers girds the loins, and how it will be shipped through the Karakoram Highway, the main road that connects China and Pakistan. Then speaks the documentary film about the dam Neelum Jhelum project and how it is the biggest engine to generate electricity in Pakistan at 962,000 kilowatts.

Then the video talking about the longest underground tunnel in Asia, and how it acts as a leak under the structure of the dam. Then little tunnel 10KM another under construction under the mountain. The dam is being developed by the Chinese and Pakistani engineers and is the largest project abroad ever undertaken by China.

After Neelum Jhelum, and mentioned the project to generate energy from coal, Port Qasim coal for power generation, which aims to provide one-sixth of the electricity in Pakistan. The project is being developed under the CPEC and costs $ 2000000000 and will begin operating in 2017.

Similarly, the documentary then mentions statistics and details on other electrical projects being developed under the CPEC, a Karachi Chashma nuclear power plant and a wind farm Jhimpi.

After that, and reviewed the development on the Karakoram Highway and Gwadar Port. And also it is involved in the development of these two projects by Pakistan and China attaches great importance to friendship CPEC, Pakistan and China. While the first shipments have already taken place, and the road linking the Central and the development of other infrastructure is still under process.

Documentary on CPEC

Complete Series

While above part was extracted from following series of documentaries, you can watch full series below:



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