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Army Chief
Army Chief

Gen Ashfaq Nadeem Ahmad Expected Next Army Chief

New Army Chief to take Oath

Commander in Chief of the army’s departure Sharif is scheduled to retire on November 28, 2016, and if nothing happened dramatically, Gen. Ashfaq Nadeem Ahmed is one of the strongest competitors to be the next head of the army.

If you choose to replace the current chairman, the General Ashfaq Nadeem Ahmed, President of the 16th will be the Army Staff (Army Staff) Pakistan.

Appointed head of the General Staff (CGS) by Gen. leave in 2013, Gen. Ashfaq Nadeem currently serving as the commander of Multan Corps and occupies fourth place in the list of seniority.

Belonging to 34 Justice and Development, led by General Ashfaq infantry division and a strike led a successful military operation in Swat.

As Chief of Staff of the strike weapon as Mangla Dean is classified as one of the finest soldiers in the military today.

Gen. Ashfaq Nadeem descended from Nila (Chakwal). Born in a prominent family of Ahmad Khan Qureshi, who was on the engineering side of Radio Pakistan until his retirement.

His two brothers and Dr. Irfan Salim Ahmed (now executive director of the Center for Nanotechnology at the University of Illinois, United States) and Imran Naeem Ahmad (journalist par excellence).

Ashfaq completed the Camberley Staff College and is outstanding officer with exceptional grades.

He passed the matriculation along with two brothers from St. Mary’s School in Rawalpindi. Ashfaq was JCB-I and belongs to the Long Course 62 of the Pakistan Military Academy.

Gen. Ashfaq was promoted to the rank of three-star in the August 8 this year, along with the three other major generals, Qamar Javed Bajwa, Zamir ul-Hasan and Javed Iqbal.

It was not set any publication. This, according to military sources, and that was to Ashfaq Nadeem had gone abroad on vocational training route, which had been topped.

Gen. Ashfaq Nadeem was the Director General of Military Operations (DG MO) at the time of upgrade. Was replaced by Maj. Gen. Amer Riaz has been resolved.

The Zamir ul-Hassan Shah’s army chief Air Defense Command (AADC), Qamar Javed Bajwa, Commander School of Infantry and Tactics Quetta and Javed Iqbal, a great teacher B- department at the National Defense University (NDU), Islamabad.

After the upgrades, Lt. Gen. Amar Bajwa commander of the Rawalpindi Corps, Lt. Gen. Zamir ul-Hassan and was appointed commander of the Al Ain Distribution Company and appointed Lieutenant General Javed Iqbal, president of Notre Dame University.

Most likely, will be announced on the 16th of Army Staff in the last week of November, which the Pakistani army will lead, the biggest military power in the world and the second sixth in South Asia, dealing with the eastern and western borders, along with the anti-manic terrorism that killed 60 0.000 people since 2002 and cost the economy $ 118 billion.

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