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15 unique cricket records

Changes in the record book as soon as I have a cricket match, hardly any other sport in the world, but there are some historical records of cricket, which are more unique.

Who have played the most balls in Test cricket? How did we step into international cricket at the age of 14? Or Who was the only player to have two hat-trick in a match? There will tell you about some great records

1.Most sixes in a Test innings.

Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram is the famous team, but he also have a record, which is not broken even after the lapse of 20 years today. He in Sheikhupura Test against Zimbabwe scored an unbeaten 257 runs in 1996 and has received over 12 innings. It broke the old record of 10 sixes in Hammond that they had made during his historic 336-run unbeaten innings.

Wasim Akram

2.The more balls faced in Test cricket

31 thousand 258, Yes! It was played for half a decade, he has balls which are facing India’s Rahul Dravid. He is the only batsman in history, who played more than 30 thousand balls.

Rahul Dravid

3.Slowest Test fifty

The England all-rounder Trevor Bailey were made to defend the slowest half-century in Test cricket. During the game the 357 minutes he had three hundred balls but is unlikely to play for England despite the match.

Trevor Bailey

4.Most matches as Test captain

South Africa captain Graeme Smith is ahead in the race. He has retired from cricket in 2014 when a total of 109 matches in his 11-year-old captain of the Covenant. Australia’s Allan Border is second with 93 matches.

Graeme Smith

5.Two hat-tricks in the same match

The first and only bowler in history who has scored two hat-tricks in a test match, Australia Jimmy Matthews. In 1912 in the match against South Africa at Old Trafford he won on South Africa’s last three wickets in three balls, then three runs on three consecutive balls bowled in the second innings.

Jimmy Mathews

6.Most ‘pairs’

Cricket says that the term ‘peer’ When a batsman out to zero in both innings of a Test. New Zealand’s Chris Martin then King of pairs. He has played 71 matches and 7 pairs them. They zero out 36 times in his career.

Chris Martin

7.Most 0’s in Tests

Most zero out test record is not of Chris Martin, it is for first West Indian Courtney Walsh. He was Zero out 43 times in his 17-year career.

Courtney Walsh

8.Not out at zero

By Courtney Walsh and Chris Martin, on the other hand Kepler Wessels, who does not zero out once in his entire Test career. Australia and South Africa play by Kepler Wessels, who played 109 ODIs during the 1994 to 1983 and once the match has not returned to zero.

Kepler Wessels

9.Most wickets in a match

England off-spinner Jim Laker took great name will remain immortal. He made only 90 runs in a test match against Australia out of 19 players, which he also performed the feat of taking all 10 wickets in the second innings. He took 9 wickets in the first innings.

Jim Laker

10.The ODI century age

Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi made his first ODI century in just 16 years and 217 days old, was historic in several ways. Made against Sri Lanka in Nairobi century was completed in only 37 balls, which was a new record for the fastest century in one-day history, which is also up to 19 years.

Shahid Afridi

11.Most consecutive ODI victories

Cricket Australia recorded exceptional and evaluate this point if the team has a record of winning 21 consecutive matches. After Ricky to win by 7 wickets against England in January 2003, led by Ponting consistent team will win all the matches of the tour of West Indies in May this year. It was the successful defense of the 2003 World Cup in Australia did not lose a match.

Ricky Ponting

12.Youngest Test player

Hassan Raza from Pakistan in 1996 played their first one-day international against Zimbabwe in Pakistan, when at the age of just 14 years and 233 days. It is the youngest of any international player.

Hassan Raza

13.Most of the runs conceeded in a match

Australian Mick Lewis conceded 113 runs in 10 overs in a match against South Africa in 2006. Was this historic competition, which South Africa won by 434 runs target record. During the match, Mick had to bowl 13 fours and 4 sixes Louis.

Mick Lewis

14.Most runs in an over

ODI Cricket records have Herschelle Gibbs of South Africa, who pitched six one six balls all over the Netherlands in the World Cup 2007. They made 36 runs to become the most ODI runs over. In addition, the International Cricket World Cup feat performed India’s Yuvraj Singh, who had been in World Cricket 2007 for six consecutive 6 Stuart Broad of England.

HB and Yuvraj Singh

15.Continuous fifties

Pakistan’s best batsman Javed Miandad had made half-centuries in consecutive 9 ODI innings, a record even today. He made a half-century against Sri Lanka and then 68, 71 *, 113, 52 * 60, 74 *, 78 * and play an innings of 78 runs, which they play matches against India.

Javed Miandad

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