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Mosque For The Transgender Community In Islamabad

We live in a country where we have to fight for our rights. Transgender Community is honorable in our community. There is no power in our country, which governs the rights of its citizens. Unless you’re out on the road with a number of people who share the same beliefs as you do, you will never bring your attention in the spotlight. But what happens after that?

In Pakistan, nothing!

While the majority approval of the particular idea may be able to bring people together and create awareness, and the minority always suffers. Minority suffer along with the majority of fraud, and the elimination of the so-called rights and diminishing the mere existence of the environment. This minority in the cases of sexually transgender community.


After being humiliated and told that they are not allowed to pray in the mosque, were members of the transgender community decided sexually in Islamabad at the end to stand up for themselves. And they are now devoted to raising funds to build their own mosque.

Transgender community – has always denied the right to be on an equal footing

In our country, the majority rules. Issues have always intersect on a roll. However, when it comes to the community through, they have to fight for everything. They have to fight for their gender on CNICs It must be recognized on the census forms.

After being denied for prayers at the mosque, the most sacred form of being connected to the supreme authority, and the current members of the local community in Islamabad wants to spare the lives of the social stigma, which was built in the culture, not the religion itself.

“We are Muslims, but we are not allowed to enter a mosque.”

Members of the society aims to raise funds and build a mosque in the name of Imam Barry area because it is, Rehmatul El Alamein, a word used to describe the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.



Society only seen transsexuals as “things” that can be used for sex only. They are not allowed to have feelings, they are not allowed to pray and not even allowed to speak for themselves. They are alone. Told transgender explicitly names on it “does not allow for people like me to pray in the mosques.”

He said the founder of the lesbian association fundamental rights in Pakistan Nadeem Kashish (known as Kashish) media that the main objective behind this mosque is to ensure that members of the community through they have a safe place to offer their prayers, without being pushed down by the infidels.

“Transgender Muslims also have the right to pray in the mosque, reading the Koran and the preaching of religion.”

Pakistan will not be the first country that will have a mosque of this society – Indonesia is the first country ever in the world that built the mosque for transgender. It is known that the mosque as Conquest pesantren.

Transgender community is sexually knowledge gathered donations for the construction of this mosque. Once done, it aims to open the doors for Friday prayers day for all.


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