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Monsanto Pakistan came up with New Bio-Tech Seed

MonsantoMore than 500 corn farmers from across Punjab attended the event field trial and demonstration by Monsanto Company Pakistan organized in the field of research, which is located in Manga Mandi near Lahore center.

The event offered the latest biotech corn seeds Monsanto technology combined with high-performance hybrid seed products, with the aim to educate farmers on the latest products, technology and Monsanto.

The government stopped selling modified corn seeds genetically as pressure builds

This occasion also included exhibition space for the various vendors and companies related to the agriculture sector, including agriculture implements manufacturers, at the farm of solar energy solutions provider level, fertilizers, agricultural finance institutions.

Inform visitors, Shariq Bukhari, lead sales effectiveness – Asia and Africa in the Monsanto Company Pakistan, explained that the new seeds of biotechnology has the potential to increase the yield of the corn crop extra 5-10% through the mitigation of losses on revenue account of herbs and insect attacks.


Received by farmers who attended the event, detailed reports and practical demonstrations of the technology and new seeds. Many farmers have shown excitement at the possibility of a new and advanced seeds from a technological standpoint, and urged the introduction of new biotech corn as soon as possible.

Explain the features to be launched corn and biotechnology products, he said lead regulatory affairs Monsanto Mohammad Asim “, seeds biotechnology has special attributes that enable to ensure the best return by protecting against harmful pests and weeds, which have boosted the livelihoods of farming communities for”.

Trading of corn seeds genetically modified allowed without field trials

Asim emphasized that the new biotech corn received approval in February 2016 for the marketing of the Federal Ministry of climate change and waiting for permission now hybrids with modern technology for the commercial import of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research.

He explained that all other regulatory requirements have been met after the first trials began in 2009 and introduced later than the application of commercial marketing in 2011. It is expected that the new product will be commercially available soon.

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