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Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan just went from flab to fab

Aamir Khan is known to be one of the most dedicated actors in Bollywood. I have time and again proved that he is willing to go to all the extremism to adopt personal roles.

Due to the dedication that it requires, it has been limited to a maximum of producing one film a year.

Aamir Khan have seen gain a lot of muscle for his film Ghajini and then lose for 3 Idiots.

Aamir Khan

His upcoming film, Dangal required him to do something that nobody expected he would. Since he was to play the role of a former Indian wrestler, he gained quite a few pounds to put the authentic look across.

Aamir Khan

Since it is now the film to release and Amir Khan set prepares for other projects, he was busy losing all the weight you got. Video released today that documented the transformation of the absolute value of flabs, and then return to the absolute value of something on the Internet can not get enough of.

If this was not something that will motivate you to turn your life around, nothing will! This alone proves that anything is possible as long as one sets their mind to it and not get distracted. And certainly is an indication that the veteran actor is an advanced degree so all the Khans and Kapoors in the race!



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