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Pakistanis and Indians take part in taste test!

The adorable video overwhelmingly, Buzzfeed both Pakistanis and Indians brought food and made them try each other and comment on the taste. Thus it became the downloaded video from last night’s viral sensation across the two countries, with hundreds of thousands of users sharing.

Hyderabad Biryani India with many mixtures of rice to the Pakistani delight, making Sindhi biryani spices, meat and potatoes. Fleshy “Samosas” from Pakistan to the Indian made of peas and potatoes. All of this came the food to the table.

I did not even forget to mention sweet and juicy, and a snack tuck classic: Jalaibis and make video more sweetness. Starting with “mango juice Maaza ‘because the fruit in the off-season, the transfer of video on delicious foods subcontinent famous and ended up with a chai and Jalaibis. What more can one want?

Also, many Pakistanis and Indians eat similar food in their lives, and the effects were pretty much clearer in this video Buzzfeed. He said that several times they failed to tell successfully if the food had belonged to their country or not – what makes this video even more beautiful.

Watch Buzzfeed video here:

Credits: BuzzFeed

Pakistanis and Indians in the video discussed everything from Kerries (Raw Mangoes) to Cake Rusks, to the blue-eyed Chai Wala and ended up making it a viral sensation.


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