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Census Ordered by Supreme Court by March 2017 in Pakistan

The federal government in line with the directives issued by the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) is considering a census in all parts of either March or April 2017.

It was held in 1998 and then, no further done.

President of the Supreme Court said that it should be held once every ten years.

Council common interests (CCI) will be dealing with the issue of the census a decade.

Head of Justice also said that the recipient of his foundational role in the Democratic census, and without it, can not be decided the number of seats in parliament.

In response, the government submitted a report to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, saying that the request the services of the army to carry out a census, but now the army has been battling terrorists in the mail Zarb Azab process.

The federal government has said it will propose an appropriate date for it after consideration of the availability of the army. The government also reported that the military operations directorate review of the availability of the army in December.

But the president of the Supreme Court said

“The government has failed to the extent that it puts the responsibility of every other function of the army? These are not like elections held in one day. Census for each city can be held one after the other.”

Census, it should be mentioned, an important and essential in the formulation of strategies that will help the country to prosper the most of human capital and take advantage. Census held in a timely manner gives policy makers a clearer vision of the bigger picture with respect to the population in the country’s most pressing needs.

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