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Famous Cooking Oils are Unhealthy: PFA

Pakistan, a center for the sale of substandard products. According to the public notice published in the November 27, it issued a General Authority for Food Punjab (PFA) list includes many of the cooking oils, margarine and brands that are unfit for human consumption names.

PFA studied all the brands by collecting samples in the survey found that most of them lacked the vitamin A was rancid.

Furthermore, the Authority also found that these products were cooking a high amount of flavor and acids that are harmful to the health of synthetic human.

The Food confirmed that a total of 71 samples tested from companies that manufacture margarine and oil. Of the total, 42 were considered as unfit for use. PFA letter issued to the companies concerned, asking them to clarify their position on the situation.

The prominent names such as cooking oil and soybean Shan Supreme soy cooking oil in the list, which led to the birth of a whole new debate included.

The list includes the following products:

Lack of vitamin A and low value Sponification

  • Shan Cooking Oil.
  • Shan Banaspati.
  • Smart Canola Cooking Oil.
  • Ghani Cooking oil.
  • Shan Taj Cooking oil.
  • Soya Supreme Cooking Oil.
  • Kashmir Canola oil.
  • Cukoo Banaspati.

High amount of acid values

  • Sufi sunflower Cooking oil.
  • Soybean Supreme Banaspati.
  • Olio Premium Canola Oil.
  • Momin Cooking Oil.
  • Mayar Banaspati.
  • Momin Banaspati.
  • Season Banaspati.
  • Sundrop cooking oil.
  • Tullo Banaspati.
  • Tullo Cooking Oil.
  • Salovi Spanish Olive Oil.
  • Maan Banaspati.
  • Naz Banaspati.
  • Kisan Vegetable Ghee.
  • Malta Banaspati.

Former chairman PVMA Atif Ikram said that food chains such as KFC and McDonald’s also consume local culinary products, which means that the vast majority of the compromised system. He said that the government needs to take action against such them as well.

“Some 120 factories across the country, and the manufacture of more than 10,000 tons of ghee and cooking oil a day, has stopped production, was also stop sending raw materials from Karachi,” said the secretary general of the Pakistan Banaspati Manufacturers Association Umar Islam

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