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Man Commits Suicide having slogan “Don’t Go Gen Raheel Sharif”

Suicide Case

It’s no secret that General (R) departure of Sharif became one of the most famous characters, lovable and important from Pakistan. It would be safe to say that the majority will support him even if he tried to grab the post of prime minister in the country.

Pakistani people saw as a “savior.” They relate to all the good things with him and expected him to rid the country of all the lying, cheating, and corrupt politicians as well as defend us from foreign sources of threat.

In what seemed like a surprise move, his lack of extension and subsequent retirement from the position of Chief of Staff of the army recovered all the hopes of Pakistanis who have abandoned the system.

PEOPLE WHO have linked a lot of hope to improve the situation with the departure of Sharif took his retirement harder!
And he went factor labor and activist by the kindness of e-Amim Shibli’s name on a hunger strike to bring the former cons retirement of army staff “for the attention. However, when nothing worked, and it was being exchanged between the authorities, and he gave up his life.

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He wrote

“My dad think that Gen. Raheel Sharif was last man standing in exactly the same place where he can bring back our Joy and Prosperity by continuing his duties as COAS post for next 3 years.

 But unfortunately there was no extension to his duties and my Daddy told in his last letter that it will be his last day of his life when Gen. Raheel Sharif step down.”


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