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Lux Style Awards 2017 Nomination List
Lux Style Awards 2017 Nomination List

Lux Style Awards 2017 Nomination List

Lux Style Awards 2017 Nomination List

Get ready for an evening full of glamor, grace, and fun! It is expected to hold on April 19 the most anticipated award event of the Pakistani entertainment, music and fashion world, Lux Awards Style Awards held on April 19 and the nomination list its way out!

With the largest entertainment event in the history of Pakistan just round the corner, we can not keep our cold. There is still something to say how massive the prize show will be. The great celebration needs preparations and proofs of the day. As in every year, the awards ceremony will be arranged with the stars and full of celebrity shows.

All our favorite celebrities have made nominations! I hope you win the best!

See the full list of nominations for the Luxe Style 2017 Awards here!


Model Year (Female)

Amna Babar
I slept Malik
Rabia Bot
Sadaf Kanwal
Zara Abed
Model Year (Male)

Imal Khan
Hassanine to Harri
Shahzad Nour
Walid Khaled
Best Fashion Photographer

Abdullah Hares
Ali Hassan
Godo Chani
Nader Fairuz Khan and Mha Burney in NFC photography
Shahbaz Shazi
Best hair and make-up artist

Natasha Khaled
Ameer Waqar
Saayma Rashed Barghafrid
Jamal Qureshi
Shazia Rashid
Achievement in Fashion Design – Britt

Coco from Zara Shahjahan
Sanna Savinaz
Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Brett

Sanna Savinaz
Sanya Muskatieh
Shamiel Ansari
Shihla Shator
Achievement in Fashion Design – Wedding

Ali Shishan
right Now
Faraz Manan
The house of Kamar Rukni
Achievement in Fashion Design – Garden

right Now
Faraz Manan
Sanna Savinaz
Shihla Shator
Zara Shahjahan
Best Menswear Designer

Ahmed Baham
Prince Adnan
Hassan Shahiriar Yassin
Ismail Farid
Naaman Arvin
The best emerging talent

Ashna Khan – Photographer
Getty Ara – Model
Hira Shah – Model
Iman Madani – Model
Pink Tree Company – Designer


the best movie

Representative in law
Dubara Fair C.
He is Man Jahan
Best Actress Movies

Mahira Khan is a Man Jahan
The actor’s life is marred by law
Saber Kamar from Lahore
Sajal Ali from Zindaji Kitney Hussein Hai
Happy sleep in Pashana
Best Actor Movies

A great publicizer for the owner
Fahd Mustafa to the representative in law
Fahad Mustafa Lam-Mir
Mirza to Bashana
Yasser Hussein in Lahore
Best Movie Director

Anjum Shahzad for Mah-Mir
Assem Reza Lahou Man Jahan
The zeros of Jafan
Mahren Jabbar for Dupara Fair C
Nabil Qureshi is represented in the law
Rauf ‘s facades in Lahore
Best Supporting Actress

Hania Amer to Jinan
Patient to the representative in law
Sanam Said for Dupara Fair Sea
Sonia Jihan is a Man Jahan
Tuba Siddiqui for Dupara Fair C
Best Supporting Actor

Ali Kazemi for Dupara Fair C
Ali Rahman Khan to Jinan
Manzar Sahbhai for Mah-e-Mir
Um Puri’s representative in law
Shahriar Manwar is a Man Jahan
Best Singer (Male) – Movie

Arman Malik Jnana Track Title (Jenaan)
Secrets to Funkaran (Actress)
Atef Aslam for Dell Dancer (Actress in Law)
Rajab Ali to Yee Duan (Mah-e-Mir)
Shefqat Amanat Ali in favor of Biya Dekhan Ko (Mah-e-Mir)
Best Singer (Female) – Movie

Emma Big for Clap Del (Lahore C. Aggie)
Haniyeh surrendered to Lar Gayan (DUBARA FERC)
Masuma Anwar Naina Rui (owner)
Shria Ghoshal Janan Track Title (Ghanan)
Zeb Bangash for Del Pagal (Maan Jahan)


Album of the Year

The book will be decided by Septi
Indus Raj 2 of Sheriff Owen
Na Polana Bi Ozer Gaswal
Bihili by Moro
I was by sketches
Song of the Year

Parish P. Tonette Aws and Jamie Khan
Haya from the Sept Book by Septi
Khak Nashin from Chand Tara Orchestra
Khaki Panda by Amir Jawwal and Ahmad Jahnazb
Sayan by Baloch Kuratulain
Best Music and Video Manager

Abdullah Kareem for Sage Ali by Asr
Aisha Linya Akhtar and Shahbaz are short for Shalun from Salman Shawkat
Kamal Khan is a Gao Azad from Zoe Vikage
Kamal Khan’s Desert Journey by D / A Method
Shahab Amar for the hero of Nasir and Shehab
The best emerging talent

Basset Ali to sing in Anoka Ladda
Bilal Nasser Khan (Rodoh) of scrap stories
Download Hamza Akram
Natasha Big to Janan
Shahruz Hussein to Sitar in Anuja Laddla
the television

Best play

Bechram on Digital Ari
Delaghi on Digital Ari
Man, about, them, TV
Min Setara on Wan TV
Audrey on Home TV
Best TV Actor

Ahsan Khan to Udari
Faysal Qureshi for Biggi Balkin
Humayun is happy for Dialagi
Numan is a miracle about Dambukth
Zahid Ahmed to Peshram
Best TV Actress

Maya Ali about Manal
A Lifelong Life of Dialage
Saba Moon for Peshram
Saba Moon about Min Setara
Sajal Ali to Ghul Rana
Best TV Manager

Echamudin of Udari
Farouk Qand to Becharam
Hassib Hassan Laman Mayal
Nizar detector from Dambukth
Nadim Big Dilaghi
Best TV Writer

Fayza Iftikhar of Dialage
Farahat Ashtiq for Udari
Samira Fadel about Man Mial
Parachute saris
Zafar Miray for Dambukth
Best original audio track

  • Sun Yara by Damia Farooq (ARY Digital) (Producer: Six Sigma Productions)
  • Udaari by Hadiqa Kiyani (HUM TV) (Producer: Momina Duraid, Haisaam Hussain and Shahzad Kashmiri)
  • Hatheli by Nabeel Shaukat (HUM TV) (Producer: Moomal Shunaid, Moomal Entertainment)
  • Mann Mayal by Quratulain Baloch (HUM TV) (Producer: Momina Duraid, Samina Humayun Saeed, Tariq Shah, Sana Shahnawaz)
  • Yeh Ishq by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (ARY Digital) (Producer: Big Bang Productions)

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