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5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Prove Men Look Sexier With Beards!

It’s really amazing how a little cut of glove goes a long way in making some of our favorite Pakistani celebrities look sexier than ever before, here’s a list to prove it!

1.Aijaz Aslam:

Aijaz the safest with and without beard like two completely different people! The actor is now paying 43, but still freezes all of the sophistication and grace one can expect – especially with a courtesy beard compliment.

2.Fahad Mustafa:

Fahad Mustafa was in the industry for a while now, and the vividly trimmed was exactly what he needed to give him a sophisticated look.

3.Fawad Khan:

Whether you look like him, his music, his talent, or his face, there is no denying that the beard of Fawad Khan in Khobasurat was simply majestic – a fitting sight for Prince Rajput. On the screen or off the screen, we really hope it shavers and keeps the reed for a long time to come!

4.Sherryar Munawer:

It’s amazing how a beard can transform this adorable guy into looking like a serious, edgy, many much sexier.

5.Azfar Rehman:

The beard truly compliments the powerful jaw, a fraction of its features.