18th University of Management & technology (UMT) Convocation 2020
UMT holds 18th Convocation
UMT Convocation 2020 Colourful Ceremony Glimpse
umt convocation 2020
University of Management and Technology (UMT) held its 18th Annual Convocation 2020 at varsity’s Johar Town campus Lahore. Total 1934 graduates were given away degrees in various disciplines on UMT’s 18th Annual Convocation 2020. According to the press release detail 1130 bachelors, 246 Masters, 543 MS/M.Phil and 15 PhD degrees were conferred degrees.

Furthermore 18 Patron’s gold medals, 22 Rector’s silver medals, 07 Rector’s Academic Excellence Awards Gold medal, 06 certificates of excellence, 03 Rector’s research recognition award, 08 Special Medal Awards, 05 Rector’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 10 Extra Curricular Medal and Award, 04 Highest Number of Publications (Faculty), 04 Highest Impact Factor Publication (Faculty) were also given away on the occasion of the annual convocation

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar welcome distinguished guest His Excellency Honorable Abdul Rehman Matar Secretary General International Islamic Relief Organization saying that The Islamic traditions are an inherent binding force between the two countries and they enjoy historical affinity. The both countries have traditionally enjoyed closest and friendliest relations. He expressed his deep gratitude to the University for inviting him, while addressing to the ceremony, he congratulated the students and said that your accomplishments should be a source of pride for you, your University and indeed for Parents. He added that It is an opportune moment for me to congratulates University as it marks many milestones over the last many years and paid rich tribute to Late Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad for his inspiring leadership, strategic vision and profound commitment to the dignified cause of education. Ch Sarwar also appreciated Dr. Hassan Sohaib Murad contributions to the development of human capital, public service, social responsibility and human compassion. Furthermore he said that Quality education is an important imperative to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It is all about equipping youth with the latest tools and skills needed in this new world, and students now need to be more creative to be successful. UMT is moving in the right direction in this regard.

UMT/ILM President Ibrahim Hassan Murad expresses his gratitude to all the worthy guests for their arrival specially His Excellency Abdul Rehman Matar Secretary General International Islamic Relief Organization and congratulated the graduated students, their teacher and parents for this accomplishment. President UMT shared his thoughts and said that The University upholds glorious Islamic traditions which are central to the command of Allah Almighty and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBHU). Our prime focus is to educate students in order to develop inclusive character of knowledge and practices so that they could play pivotal role in securing bright future of Pakistan and Muslim Ummah. Addressing the students, he advised them to work hard like Quaid and engage in productive work by securing a role in the global arena based on our own cultural values and traditions. He also told that our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH also emphasized on the role of youngsters and appointed them at leading positions to inculcate the teaching. Paying homage to great Islamic scholar Khurram Murad and Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, he said that these learned personalities gave new direction to education in Pakistan which manifest in the development of character. These personalities laid the ideological foundations of this esteemed institution that is indeed a matter of pride for the whole nation.

18th UMT Convocation Rehearsal Day
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Graduation is the most awaited event in the life of a student who has worked hard to achieve great things in life. The graduates brace themselves for the opportunities and possibilities that await. Not just this but it is also an important time where happiness and the spirit of achievement are the two most important sentiments surrounding the crowd.

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