KPK Right to Information (RTI) website hacked

KPK Right to Information (RTI) website hacked

The website of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to info. (RTI) has been allegedly hacked by Indian hackers.

The cyber-attack came right once a few of days once Pakistani hacker cluster “Alone Injector” damaged Indian National watchman web site.


KPK RTI Commission ensures transparency and access to info. The hacked web site displayed Indian flag and a message within the Hindi language. just some elements of it might be translated, that explicit ,

“Don’t India, Pakisthan [Pakistan] available, Indian power,”

The KPK’s info Technology department has been operating to recover the online portal and therefore the website is presently displaying “Under Maintenance” message.


Pakistani hackers damaged India’s NSG web site some days past ANd targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an abusive message and a picture of Indian Police thrashing Kashmiris, in the middle of a press release that reads “Free Kashmir”.

Pak-India Hack War

This hack war between Pakistan and Bharat goes on for a protracted time currently. Recently, the servers of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) were hacked by anonymous hackers, with a message that scan “Pakistan Jindabad”. conjointly in Gregorian calendar month 2016, a hacker cluster targeted the Twitter handle of Congress vice chairman Rahul Gandhi. In Oct 2016, throughout all strike plug, Pakistani hackers hacked into Indian planes and made them to concentrate “Dil Dil Pakistan”. Indian hackers conjointly retaliated by 1st hacking commission of Pakistan (ECP) web site and currently KPK’s RTI net portal.

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